May 6, 2019

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook, or since August on Instagram, will have noticed a drop-off of writing-related posts and a increase of cats, dogs, plants and mosaic pots. Mosaic pots are cool.

May 15, 2018

The opportunity arose to work with an editor on my manuscript. The timeframe’s tight, the scenes are out of order, it’s 98,000 words and needs to be cut – but I’m not going to say no. When you’re offered a chance like this you need to bite it off and chew like hell.

April 17, 2018

I’ve driven half an hour to work at this café. It’s not in my home town. I took a wrong turn on the way and the café I wanted to work at was closed. Why go through all this? Because I needed a change of scene. I have a string of small things I need to get done, and bei...

April 2, 2018

I used to be great at holding all the Stuff in my head, but I’ve found the more I’m juggling the more organised I need to be. So here’s my ‘system’. It can look – and at times definitely feels like – high-level procrastination, but it’s saved me missing deadlines, resu...

March 19, 2018

The more time you can take, the better the outcome. Rushed applications, queries and entries are obvious. They contain errors ranging from typos to unsuitable comparison titles that can make the recipient – consciously or subconsciously – feel like you don’t respect yo...

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May 15, 2018

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