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Emerging writer,
established coffee addict 

Alex Fairhill

May 6, 2019

So… it’s been a while. Almost a year, in fact. That surprised me. Then again, it’s been A Year.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook, or since August on Instagram, will have noticed a drop-off of writing-related posts and a increase of cats, dogs, plants and mosaic pots.

mug outside cropped.jpg


I write for kids and teenagers, and also short stories for adults, freelance work and magazine articles. But fiction is the fun part. I feel like part of me is missing if I don’t spend time writing.

I believe fiction can tell stories that non-fiction fact can’t, exposing readers to issues and perspectives they might not otherwise see.

This website contains my blog, publication list and occasional photos of books,
my pets and garden. 


I've recently migrated the content from another platform and am still working on the functionality. Please let me know via the Contact page if you find any problems
or accessibility issues.

Thanks for dropping by!

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