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About Alex

After finishing a Master of Arts in Writing and Literature a few years ago I began writing fiction full-time. I worked as a journalist for almost twenty years and love what I’m doing now – I can make stuff up and not get into trouble. Not that I made stuff up as a journo, because that would be wrong. And illegal. 


My first attempt at a full-length manuscript when I was 15 was about a band in a small country town. They all wore fringed white leather jackets. This story was, thankfully, accidentally deleted when my father ran a virus scan.

I make up songs, and often sing out loud without realising. I’ve learnt this behaviour is okay in private, but will result in a severe telling off from my kid in public.

I have a strong interest in stories about trauma and social issues, how they’re written and how they impact the reader. My academic work has examined how fiction can give a voice to marginalised groups, including those facing legal restrictions through other channels, and the role fiction plays in identity formation. It’s an area I may pursue as a PhD in future.

I love reading humour – the drier the better; I’m a sucker for a love story with strong characters and will pick up just about anything. 

I live on a rural property in western Victoria with two humans, two dogs and two cats.

I was once busted by a former prime minister carrying a slab of beer into the offices of the national broadcaster. One long bushy eyebrow was raised.

As a sports reporter, I covered everything from canoeing to lawn bowls to AFL to the Australian Open to international cricket. I may have fallen asleep for 15 minutes logging shots for a Test match. It did not affect the story. The next wicket woke me up.


Social media 

Twitter: @AlexFairhill 

Professional memberships
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
Writers Victoria
Children's Book Council of Australia
Golden Key Society

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