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Out with the old...

One year ago I posted my writing resolutions for 2014. I freely declare I have not hit those goals.

In October, after submitting my final university assignment for the year, I checked in, re-examined those goals and set new ones. I had completed some, was on track for others, and had yet to start a few. Of those goals, I have not: Submitted two finished PB MS to two or more publishers by the end of the year; written three more PB first drafts; entered one more competition for the year; updated this blog weekly; and only submitted one story to a magazine for publication, not two. I also didn’t print my goals or refer to them as the printer ran out of ink. Then I forgot. I also signed up for PiBoIdMo but didn’t write down a single idea. So I could make excuses about not reaching these goals, and they’d run along the lines of two months in a neck brace and constant physio after surgery, illness, full-time university study, parenting, etc, but I’d rather take a more positive approach.

This is what I have achieved this year:

Goal-wise, I have: Read 50 books as per my pledge through Goodreads; been more disciplined with my writing time; and left the house in order to write if needed. My desk has also been kept clear of non-writing paraphernalia, excluding the cats, who continue to do what they want. I have also:

  • Written at least 20,000 words worth of university assignments, including two 3,000-word short stories, and a picture book, which I also illustrated (or more accurately Photoshopped images to vaguely resemble illustrations).

  • Signed up for and won NaNoWriMo with my first novel, Community. The novel is now more than 70,000 words and counting.

  • Placed equal ninth nationally in the CYA Competition in the Picture Book category.

  • Attended several workshops to further develop my skills.

  • Submitted one piece to a magazine.

So, all up, I’m pretty happy with what I achieved. I’m well on my way to completing a novel, have two PB MS ready to send out, and two short stories I’m looking to submit for publication.

For 2015, my goals are less general, and more project-specific.

  • Finish writing first draft of Community by the end of January.

  • Edit Community by end of July.

  • Concentrate on studies with a view to (and I don’t believe I’m actually saying this) potentially apply for PhD candidacy.

  • Follow up on endorsement for my early reader series.

  • Edit early reader series based on feedback from relevant organisations.

  • Submit three key PB MS to publishers.

  • Continue disciplined writing schedule.

  • Continue escaping from house if needed.

  • Most importantly: Continue to enjoy the work.

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for reading and commenting, and I hope you have a safe and happy 2015.

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