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Mid-year(ish) check-up

If I post this online I have to stick to it!

It’s just over halfway through the year. I’m in the first week of the last semester of my Masters. I’ve signed on to do a research project. Now it’s the perfect time to procrasti-blog and check on my goals for this year.

Finish writing first draft of Community by the end of January.

I think I just missed this, but it was written by the time uni started, which gave me a break, and distance, away from the MS and made it easier to complete the next goal.

Edit Community by end of July.

Done! I’ve redrafted several times, and it’s at the point where it’s ready to send out.

Concentrate on studies with a view to (and I don’t believe I’m actually saying this) potentially apply for PhD candidacy.

First semester – tick. This current and final (yay!) semester I’m doing a research project to set up possible future PhD entry, but whatever happens I’ll take next year to concentrate on writing.

Follow up on endorsement for my early reader series.

Not done. I’ve decided to put project on hold until next year.

Edit early reader series based on feedback from relevant organisations.

Not done. See above.

Submit three key PB MS to publishers.

Almost done. Submitted to two.

Continue disciplined writing schedule.

Done. Other than procrasti-blogging.

Continue escaping from house if needed.

Done. The cafe staff are sick of me.

Most importantly: Continue to enjoy the work.

Definitely done. The ideas keep coming, and writing is still my escape.

Goals by the end of the year:

  • Complete 10,000 word research project (5000 theory, 5000 creative)

  • Submit one more PB MS to publisher

  • Submit two pieces of writing to mags, comps or other opportunities

  • Continue writing schedule

  • Plan out rest of middle grade series

  • Finish drafting first book in series

#goals #writing

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